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Faith in Politics? A Testimony to Equality (Swarthmore Lecture)

By Catherine West and Andy Hull

Paperback: 94 pages
Publisher: QuakerBooks, U.K. (October 1, 2019)
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If we cannot change what is happening on our street, why should anyone believe we can change the world? Politics starts with the local. There is inequality in all of our communities, so we must begin there, with practical action where it matters – on the ground. Quakers have a strong tradition of addressing the failings in the world around them. In this book, Catherine West and Andy Hull inspire Friends to champion the cause of equality in their own communities. Despite market forces and global headwinds, they believe that we can make a difference in our neighborhoods, acting as spirit-levelers by recognizing “that of God” in everyone.

Catherine West is the Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green in North London and a former Leader of Islington London Borough Council. She worships at her local meeting in Muswell Hill. As a Quaker, Catherine is committed to tackling rampant inequality as one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Andy Hull represents Highbury West ward on Islington Council, where he co-chaired the country’s first Fairness Commission. He tries to tackle poverty and reduce inequality by doing politics with people, not just for them.