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Faith & Play™: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method, Second Edition

By Melinda Wenner Bradley

Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: Quaker Press of FGC (December 20, 2017)
Product Specifications: 11 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches; 12 ounces

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In this revised and expanded edition of Faith & Play™ Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method, stories published before 2015 have been revised based on experience and feedback, and new stories have been added along with additional supplementary materials developed to support storytellers.

Faith & Play is a story-based curriculum focused on building spiritual community with children and offering them images and language to express their wonder and experience of the Divine. Faith & Play grew out of Friends’ work with the Godly Play story curriculum, which embodies the Montessori belief that play is children’s work and has dignity.

These curricula support continuing revelation; multiple perspectives on a story; silence, reflection, and corporate sharing as valuable components of the spiritual life; and the diversity of ways the Spirit works within each person. While the Godly Play stories used by Friends are based on the Bible, Faith & Play stories include Quaker faith, practice and witness, as well as some Bible content told in ways that reflect Quaker sensibilities.

Faith & Play stories are meant to be used in conjunction with Godly Play and we do not recommend using either resource without adequate training.

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