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The Family as a Way into the Future

By Elise Boulding

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #222 (1978)

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What discoveries lie before us about the family, the oldest and longest continuing human experience?

About the Author(s)

Elise Boulding (1920- ) received her doctorate from the University of Michigan at age 49. By then she was a well-known sociologist who had helped define the field of peace studies. Shortly afterwards she began teaching at the University of Colorado, and from there she moved on to Dartmouth where she launched the Peace and Conflict Studies program.

Elise Boulding joined the Religious Society of Friends in the same year that she married Kenneth Boulding – 1941. She gave the William Penn Lecture, “The Joy That Is Set Before Us” in 1956. Meanwhile, the five Boulding children were growing up, and these family experiences inspired Children and Solitude (1963), Born Remembering (1975), and The Family as a Way into the Future (1978), all published by Pendle Hill Publications. The junction between peace research and the study of family life has informed much of her work.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #222

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