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Freedom to Think: The Long Struggle to Liberate Our Minds

By Susie Alegre

Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Atlantic Books (July 7, 2022)
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Without a moment’s pause, we share our most intimate thoughts with trillion-dollar tech companies. Their algorithms categorize us and jump to conclusions about who we are. They even shape our everyday thoughts and actions – from who we date to how we vote. But this is just the latest front in an age-old struggle.

Part history and part manifesto, Freedom to Think charts the history and importance of our most basic human right: freedom of thought. From Galileo to Nudge Theory to Alexa, human rights lawyer Susie Alegre explores how the powerful have always sought to get inside our heads, influence how we think, and shape what we buy.

Providing a bold new framework to understand how our agency is being gradually undermined, Freedom to Think is a ground-breaking and vital charter for taking back our humanity and safeguarding our reason.

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