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George Fox and the Valiant Sixty

By Elfrida Vipont

Hardcover: 141 pages
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton, U.K. (1975)
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Quakerism as a significant movement sprung from the discovery by George Fox, during his travels in the north-west of England in the period about Whitsun 1652, of groups of Seekers whose spiritual pilgrimage had followed paths akin to his own. This book first traces his spiritual search. Vipont then recounts his meetings with the Westmorland Seekers and his visit to Swarthmoor Hall, near Ulverston, where his converts included Judge Fell and many members of his household. The Hall was to become a centre for the new movement.

The book progresses to describe the journeys of the first Quaker missionaries or Valiant Sixty who carried the message within Britain, to Europe and America, often in face of bitter persecution. Vipont’s book enables the reader to see early Quaker history through the eyes of some of the principal actors.