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Ground and Spring: Foundations of Quaker Discipleship (Swarthmore Lecture)

By Beth Allen

Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: Quaker Books (January 4, 2007)
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In her 2007 Swarthmore Lecture, Beth Allen offers her understanding of faithful discipleship, starting with how we experience and think about God. She explores how we can think and worship today in integrity to our inner selves and to our knowledge of the world, and takes a practical approach to theological and philosophical concepts, from her Quaker and Anglican experience. We need a solid foundation to ground us as we reach for the ideals, the actions which will make peace and justice real today. For Quakers, this starts with the meeting for worship, and continues with the experience of God found in words from Quaker and other traditions. The cool stillness of the Spirit is the source of enormous, exuberant life.