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Guide to Quaker Practice

By Howard H. Brinton

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #20 (1942)

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Interprets the practices of the Religious Society of Friends. Revised editions released in 1950, 1993, and 2006. 72 pages.

About the Author(s)

Howard Brinton taught at half a dozen institutions, including such Quaker centers as Haverford, Guilford, Earlham, and Woodbrooke in the U.K. The last of these four provided a model for Pendle Hill. He also worked overseas in Japan and Europe for the American Friends Service Committee. Between 1936 and 1950, he served as director of Pendle Hill, sharing that job with his wife, Anna Brinton.

The Brintons first came to Pendle Hill in 1936, where they faced the contingencies of a pioneer school-community. All sorts of odd jobs, which a maintenance crew might later handle, fell to the Director of Studies. Howard Brinton was frequently seen traipsing across campus on his way to negotiate the latest crisis, pursued by his rabbit Tibbar and the family dog Nuto. Gerald Heard, then a member of the Pendle Hill staff, watched this peaceable kingdom on the march with delight and saw in it a practical illustration of the philosophy of survival by reconciliation.

In addition to writing more than a dozen Pendle Hill pamphlets, Howard Brinton wrote Friends for 300 Years, (later expanded to Friends for 350 Years), a classic work of Quaker faith and history. Howard Brinton died in 1973.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #20

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