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How on Earth Do We Live Now? Natural Capital, Deep Ecology and the Commons

By David Ciscel, Barbara Day, Keith Helmuth, Sandra Lewis, and Judy Lumb

Paperback: 91 pages
Publisher: Quaker Institute for the Future (2011)
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This pamphlet takes up the question, “How on Earth do we live now?,” as both a cry of alarm and a call to action, through the lenses of “natural capital” and “deep ecology.” In the course of this study, the commons emerged as a third point of reference. This study explores two essential parts of Earth’s commons: property and water. It continues with a close look at systems of governance for the commons, and a new look at human nature’s capacity for cooperative, collaborative action on behalf of the common good. The pamphlet concludes by considering what Quakers, and all others who place a high value on the ethics of right relationship, can bring to the task of rebuilding environmental integrity and advancing social equity at home and worldwide.

Quaker Institute for the Future (QIF) Pamphlet #2.