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Introducing . . . Elias Hicks

By Bliss Forbush; condensation by Norma Jacob

Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Friends General Conference (1984)
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This little book is a condensation of a standard biography, Elias Hicks, Quaker Liberal, by Bliss Forbush. It was prepared, with the kind consent of the author, for the purpose of bringing to a new generation of readers a brief picture of the life and work of a most interesting man, one whose name is known to nearly all Quakers because it became attached to the major revolution within the Society of Friends which occurred early in the nineteenth century. It uses exclusively the words of the larger volume; though this was published in 1956 and is now out of print, library copies are widely available, and reader who want to know more of Elias Hicks are urged to read it.” —Norma Jacob