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John Woolman: A Nonviolence and Social Change Source Book

Edited by Sterling P. Olmsted and Mike Heller

Paperback: 164 pages
Publisher: Peace Resource Center (2013)
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This second edition of John Woolman: A Nonviolence and Social Change Source Book is updated and improved throughout. The book is intended to be useful for courses, discussion groups, and individuals. Unlike other books on John Woolman, this book brings together, in one volume, major pasages from Woolman’s Journal, selections from his letters, a sampling of his essays and other writings, observations about Woolman by his contemporaries, background information, items not previously published, and a study guide with discussion questions. John Woolman stands out among colonial American writers not only because of the unusual expression of his faith, which made his Journal a classic among spiritual autobiographies, but also because of his far-reaching ideas about peace, equality, and simplicity, which are still influencing people.