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Latinoamericana 2024 Agenda Mundial

By Latin American Agenda

Paperback: 256 pages (spiral-bound)
Publisher: DABAR, Mexico (2023)
Product Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight: 12.2 ounces
Condition: New

Price: $22.00


The 2024 Latin American World Agenda (subtitled: “Descolonizar el mundo y la vida: Misión Liberadora”), the most widely distributed Latin American desk organizer/journal inside and outside the continent, invites us to reflect on our own cultural roots, customs, way of seeing the world, and every area of ​​life that colonization has infected, making us participants in a planetary model that has long been unsustainable.

The prevailing colonizing planetary model has used various weapons to extend its dominance and today, information technologies are the most powerful weapon to colonize people and our minds. It is necessary to put our energy into stopping this predatory colonial process that will end all forms of life, we must decolonize everything, build a world where many worlds are possible, except the current one.

In Spanish.