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Living in Dark Times

By Rex Ambler

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #447 (October 2017)

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How can we effect positive change in our current difficult world situation? In this pamphlet based on his talk at the 2016 Friends General Conference Gathering, Rex Ambler shares his reflections and insights. Citing William Penn, he urges readers to avoid objectifying the world, focus within, and live lives that reflect the truth they discover.

This pamphlet is an edited version of the plenary talk given to Friends General Conference Gathering in Minnesota in July 2016. The theme of the gathering was be humble, Be Faithful, BE BOLD. Rex Ambler gave the talk extemporaneously. A video of the talk is available at the FGC website. This revision is based on the transcript of that recording.

About the Author(s)

Rex Ambler is known for his search to experience and understand the Light and the workshops he developed and materials he wrote to share what he discovered. He taught theology for over thirty years at Birmingham University in England and has more recently traveled extensively to teach Quaker meditation, or “Experiment with Light,” helping those interested to set up “light groups” to practice it – see His many publications include Light to Live By: An Exploration in Quaker Spirituality; The Quaker Way: A Rediscovery; Truth of the Heart (an anthology of the writings of George Fox); and The Light Within: Then and Now (Pendle Hill Pamphlet #425). He also contributed to John Lampen’s Seeing, Hearing, Knowing – Reflections on Experiment with Light. Rex has run for Parliament in Britain as a Green Party candidate.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #447