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Matthew 18: Wisdom for Living in Community

By Connie Green and Marty Grundy

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #399 (2008)

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Friends are called to live in community, but being with other human beings does not always go smoothly. Our difficult interactions with others challenge us to wrestle with our personal strengths, weaknesses, and former experiences. Marty Grundy and Connie McPeak Green have spent years exploring the eighteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, which contains Jesus’ advice to his disciples about how to get along with one another. Living in accordance with this guidance may be the most difficult thing they have ever tried to do, but in grappling with its meaning, they have found the instructions straightforward and suffused with love. In this essay, they describe what they have learned from their efforts to be faithful. They also demonstrate one way of studying and using the Bible. Discussion questions included.

By Connie Green and Marty Grundy

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #399

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