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Non-Violence in an Aggressive World

By Abraham Johannes Muste

Paperback: 211 pages
Publisher: Harper & Brothers (1940)
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The position of the thorough-going, positive, realistic pacifist in a war-crazed world.

In order to see the significance of A. J. Muste’s excellent new book “Non-Violence in an Aggressive World” (Harpers, New York), we should relate it to certain elements we face in early April, 1940. Never in the history of the world have there been so many pacifists and near-pacifists, both in total number and relative to the rest of the population. This is true of all the English-speaking countries and some others. Never has the opposition to war been so vigorous in all civilian groups and classes. Never before have so many experienced statemen earnestly condemned war and foretold its appalling consequences, or so many military men felt so unsure of the validity and ultimate effectiveness of their method.” —Richard B. Gregg, author of PHP #3, #5, and #11.