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One Walked into the Spider’s Web: A Gay Boy Goes to Vassar

By Russell Hasan

Paperback: 123 pages
Publisher: Independently published (October 19, 2021)
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I went to Vassar College in the year 2000. I was optimistic, innocent, and sober. But it was like walking into a spider’s web: it was like walking into a trap. Why? Because, at Vassar, I discovered drugs and alcohol, as a way to escape from my problems, and my problems were being LGBTQ, being a virgin who couldn’t get laid, being gay and fat, having autism spectrum disorder and social anxiety disorder, and being shy and lonely. So, I escaped from my own life. Into drugs and alcohol. Which led to a downward spiral. And caused long-term mental health problems. And destroyed my self-esteem. And ruined my social skills, by making my social life entirely dependent upon drugs and alcohol. And nearly destroyed me. But eventually I set myself free from the spider’s web, found my sobriety, recovered my self-esteem, and learned how to live an authentic LGBTQ gay pride life. This memoir is the story of my life.” —Russell Hasan