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Only One Life: A Quaker’s Voyage

By Alastair Heron

Paperback: 164 pages
Publisher: Curlew Productions, U.K. (1997)
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This is a well-written book by an interesting person who has a story to tell and tells it well. We learn how Alastair Heron, a stoker in a transatlantic cargo ship, faced the downs and the ups in his life, the hardships and the joys, and brought to them all his own Quakerly spirit of simplicity and courage and the willingness to live adventurously. Alastair tells how he has sought the guidance of the leadings of the Spirit at every turn, in a long and active life that has seen many changes. The writing is taut and honest, completely lacking any sense of self indulgence, and Alastair ends the book with his own testimony to where he has reached in his spiritual journey. —Douglas Butterfield, Jordans Quaker Meeting