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Peace, Justice, Care of Earth: The Vision of John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day

By Robert M. Weir

Paperback: 326 pages
Publisher: Press On Publishing (November 30, 2013)
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John McConnell is the founder of the original Earth Day on the vernal equinox and the creator of the Earth Flag. He also founded a United Nations NGO, the Earth Society Foundation. Born in 1915, he was a visionary well ahead of his time who devoted his life to the three-part vision of “peace, justice, and the care of Earth.” He said, “Peace is not the absence of war, but an honest understanding of another person’s point of view.”

About the Author(s)

Robert M. Weir is a writer and speaker who focuses on people, peace, social justice, environment, and travel. As a book editor and coach for emerging and established authors, he is among – and a contributor to – humanity’s spiritual and metaphysical leaders. Contact through