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Perceiving the Temperature of the Water (Swarthmore Lecture)

By Helen Minnis

Paperback: 85 pages
Publisher: Woodbrooke (December 12, 2022)
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How can we sense the temperature of the water when the temperature has been set perfectly for us? What can the Quaker Community and wider society do to address the white privilege and racism that still permeates the world we live in? This book accompanies Helen Minnis’ impactful Swarthmore Lecture given at Britain Yearly Meeting 2022. It includes Helen’s lecture and the lead-up and response to the lecture, as Helen engaged Quakers in workshops to discuss issues it raised.

Drawing on her experience as a scientist, a Quaker, and a Black woman, Perceiving the Temperature of the Water is an invaluable read in informing the ongoing conversation within Britain Yearly Meeting, and among Quakers worldwide, about becoming an anti-racist church and what that means. This book includes material to help groups engage with this work.