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Quaker Aesthetics: Reflections on a Quaker Ethic in American Design and Consumption

Edited by Emma Jones Lapsansky and Anne A. Verplanck

Hardcover: 424 pages
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press (January 26, 2003)
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In early America, Quakers dominated the political and social landscape of the Delaware Valley and, because this region held a position of political and economic strength, the Quakers were tightly connected to the transatlantic economy. Given this vantage, they had easy access to the latest trends in fashion and business. Detailing how Quakers have manufactured, bought, and used such goods as clothing, furniture, and buildings, the essays in Quaker Aesthetics reveal a much more complicated picture than that of a simple people with simple tastes. Instead, the authors show how, despite the high quality of their material lives, the Quakers in the past worked toward the spiritual simplicity they still cherish.

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