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Quaker Spirituality from “Inside/Out”

Edited by John Surr, Judith Larsen, and Pardee Lowe, Jr.

Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (June 5, 2012)
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Inside/Out is a gathering of literary spiritual insights, published from time to time from 1991 through 2011. The spiritual and literary venture was inspired by the experience of one of the editors, who, as she watched diving and dabbling ducks in a quiet pond, realized that they were healing her stressed psyche.

The amazing goal of Inside/Out was to create in written form a virtual Quaker Meeting for Worship. Authors sought to share deeply with each other and allow insights to gather and grow, the way thoughts come and flourish in the spoken ministry of an actual meeting, letting the inside out and the outside in. Over the years, a widening circle of authors joined the “duck pond.” Friends discovered voices that needed to be heard, perspectives that needed to be honored, and other seekers with whom they could hold hands through the written word. This collection offers a selection of some of the most memorable messages: poems, letters, insights, and “spiritual explorations” of all types.

Welcome to the pond.