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Quaker Universalist Reader Number 3: Universalism and Spirituality

Edited by Patricia A. Williams

Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Quaker Universalist Fellowship (October 16, 2007)
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Forty-one Quakers from Great Britain and the United States write about Universalism and Spirituality. Essays by David Boulton, Ralph Hetherington, Margery Post Abbott, Gene Knudsen Hoffman, and many others address spirituality in an honest and revealing fashion. The mission of The Quaker Universalist Fellowship is to foster the understanding that within everyone is a directly accessible spiritual light that can lead people to equality, simplicity, justice, compassion, and peace. QUF has excerpted essays and articles from our Journal and that of the Quaker Universalist Group, our British counterpart. We present these essays in these widely available books: 1. Quaker Universalism; 2. Universalism and Religions; and 3. Universalism and Spirituality. To learn more about Quaker Universalism, visit or, in Britain,