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Quakers in Conflict

By Linda Willard

Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Tate Publishing (2009)
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What do a marine commandant, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, a Colonial era female governor, a gossip columnist, a bubble dancer, a witch, and the star of her own Wild West Show have in common? Find out in Quakers in Conflict. Linda Willard’s newest book provides a new way of looking at Quakers. She breaks preconceived notions of Quakers, giving readers the stories of several members of the Religious Society of Friends who performed deeds not deemed ordinary for them, sometimes causing them to lose their membership. Willard skillfully shares the lives of many Quaker men who struggled with the decision to fight for the United States or obey their teachings of peace. For these men, the choice was something bigger than themselves. Willard also tells the stories of many Quaker women who attended college, became doctors, worked in the entertainment industry, and even held public office, defying the social standards of their time to be equals. Willard’s short biographies are easy to read and enjoyable, making Quakers in Conflict the book that readers will have no conflict over deciding to read!