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Quality and Depth of Worship and Ministry

By various contributors

Paperback: 44 pages
Publisher: Quaker Books, U.K. (2001)
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Friends would say that meeting for worship is central to their spiritual lives – but what is worship? What does “ministry” mean? How can we talk to each other, sharing our understandings of listening of waiting on God? Meetings can feel shallow, unsatisfying, or deep and transforming. Dare we assess quality and depth? This booklet is a distillation of experience and reflection collected from meetings and offered back in the form of queries, designed to be taken a few at a time. Those responsible for eldership will find this book helpful in their regular meetings, as they consider how to sustain and support the Quaker community in this core activity. Queries could also be used more widely in the meeting, perhaps on a quiet day or in a listening or study group.