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Seeking Peace: The Quakers – One of the Longest and Most Influential Non-Violent Resistance Movements in History

By Heather Kirk

Paperback: 271 pages
Publisher: Borealis Press, Canada (2017)
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Seeking Peace: The Quakers is an exploration of one of the longest and most influential non-violent resistance movements in history. For 365 years, from 1652 to 2017, the Quakers have been both pacifists and activists, expressing their unique religious beliefs through concrete actions. By opposing all forms of violence and working for peaceful change, this little group, also called Friends or the Religious Society of Friends, has consistently dedicated itself to altruistic service.

Without resorting to the weapons of war, the Quakers have fought for religious tolerance, for peaceful coexistence of nations, for improvements in prisons and mental hospitals, for abolishing slavery, and more. From the “Valiant Sixty” struggling to reform the Christian church, to William Penn creating the “Holy Experiment,” to Levi Coffin heading the “Underground Railroad,” the Quakers have done extraordinary deeds in centuries past.

In the modern era, as a collective group, they received the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize for their relief work in war-ravaged Europe. Several individual Quakers also received the Nobel Peace Prize. And Quakers influenced the development of Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Oxfam, and the United Nations. Heather Kirk takes the long and varied history and makes it easy to read. Enjoy the brief biographies, “family-tree tales,” jokes, quotes, “geographies,” and almost 100 illustrations.