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Selected Writings: Abiezer Coppe

By Abiezer Coppe; introduction by Andrew Hopton

Paperback: 111 pages
Publisher: Aporia Press, U.K. (1987)
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When Coppe’s A Fiery Flying Roll was published in 1649 the Government of the day responded by banning the book and arresting its author. Coppe’s apocalyptic vision and egalitarian message, with its attacks on wealth, hypocrisy, and oppression, is still as vital today as then. A unique and extraordinary work, it is reproduced in Selected Writings in its entirety. This volume also contains A Remonstrance of the Sincere and Zealous Protestation and Coppe’s Return to the Wayes of Truth, written while Coppe was incarcerated in Newgate Prison. Two later works, Divine Fire-Works and A Character of a True Christian, are published here for the first time. The introduction by Andrew Hopton provides a thorough survey of both Coppe’s life and the interpretations brought to bear upon his work.