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Some Quaker Approaches to the Race Problem

By American Friends Service Committee

Paperback: 16 pages
Publisher: AFSC/Philadelphia (1946)
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The question of minorities is one of the great historic issues of our time. There is no single, simple way to settle it. It demands large action by government and continuous, small, creative, reconciling action by individuals. Among the many organizations directing their efforts toward constructive solutions, the American Friends Service Committee is but one, and a small one. The actual amount that it has been able to do to alleviate the conditions of people who are penalized for their race or religion or to ease hearts over-charged with resentment, loneliness or fear, is no more than a drop in a mammoth bucket.

No serious attempt, however, to improve the feeling between one race and another or one religion and another is negligible; no procedure which has been used successfully in strained human relations is unimportant. In a spirit of exploration tempered with humility, the AFSC makes this report upon its experiences of the method of creative fellowship in service for others as applied to the field of interracial relations.