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Special Education as a Spiritual Journey

By Michael Resman

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #390 (2007)

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How are we to understand God in a world where children suffer from devastating disabilities? And how are we to live meaningfully in such a world? Michael Resman, who works in special education as an occupational therapist, has had much occasion to grapple with such questions. The answers he found for himself come not from church teachings, nor from his own reasonings, but from mystical insight, or as early Friends would say, from spiritual “openings.” Many early Friends wrote accounts of “God’s dealings” with them, in the hope that their journals would prove useful to others. This is such an account. Michael Resman’s story is moving and inspirational in its description of a journey toward faithfulness.

By Michael Resman

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #390

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