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Stillness: A Book of Meditations

By Gerard Guiton

Paperback: 82 pages
Publisher: Wipf and Stock (December 29, 2016)
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Stillness lies at the very heart of life where it is the birthplace of thought, of movement, and creativity. It speaks the language of simplicity, the language of our Source. In stillness we are found, without it we are lost. This book contains 36 short, poetic, and highly meaningful meditations focusing on key aspects of our lives. They are headed by quotations from people of different faith traditions and times, and from those without a religious faith. Stillness is written for anyone interested in the practice of meditation and prayer, for those who believe stillness and silence can play an important role in their lives. It encourages them to take back time from their daily schedule so that they may be enriched by stillness and silence – even for five minutes! Gerard Guiton is a theologian, spiritual counsellor/director, and a facilitator of workshops and retreats. His website is