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The Birthplace of Quakerism: A Handbook for the 1652 Country

By Elfrida Vipont Foulds

Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Friends Home Service Committee, U.K. (1952)
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Most Quaker pilgrimages in England are directed to the “1652 Country,” that is, the area between Lancashire in the south and Swarthmore, near Ulverston, in the north, a region traversed by George Fox in that year. Fox’s preaching and his success in gathering a considerable number of followers led to 1652 being regarded as the beginning of Quakerism. To mark the tercentenary in 1952, Elfreda Vipont Foulds published The Birthplace of Quakerism, which bore the subtitle A Handbook for the 1652 Country, obviously being intended as a guidebook by describing a large number of sites worthy of a visit, and telling of the activities of Quakers at each place.