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The Depth of Our Belonging: Mysticism, Physics, and Healing

By Mary Conrow Coelho

Paperback: 94 pages
Publisher: Produccicones de La Hamaca (March 1, 2021)
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Because of her early studies where she had learned that science was claiming full explanatory power of our world, author Mary Conrow Coelho pursued several years of formal theological studies and search to understand spiritual experiences. But then she learned that knowledge from physics has changed profoundly with the discovery that atoms are almost entirely comprised of a powerful, nonvisible nonmaterial reality. We now know based on this discovery proven by quantum physicists that a nonvisible realm is integral to our very being. The human person and everything on Earth is comprised of this nonvisible realm that the manifest world of daily life has risen within and continues to emerge within. We are given a new understanding from science of the reality of the nonvisible.

In her book, The Depth of Our Belonging: Mysticism, Physics, and Healing, we are encouraged to not be intimidated by the seemingly difficult and foreign world of the quantum physicist but to explore our transformed worldview with the guidance of careful teachers.