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The Kendal Sparrow: A Novel of Elizabeth Fletcher

By Barbara Schell Luetke

Paperback: 319 pages
Publisher: QuakerBooks of FGC (November 2019)
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The early Quaker movement was one fired by the spiritual activism and vision of young adults. The Kendal Sparrow is a fictional account of one of them. Elizabeth Fletcher, a real-life sheltered, English farm girl, was convinced in 1652 by George Fox. Based on historical records and careful research, Barbara Schell Luetke brings to life the story of Fletcher, a young Friend who breaks from the prescribed roles of women of that time to travel hundreds of miles to preach and find purpose in her life. The Kendal Sparrow includes the “tellings” of many of the youngest members of those known today as the Valiant Sixty and shows that each of our lives matters and can speak.