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The Promise of Right Relationship

By Pamela Haines

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Christian Alternative (February 1, 2024)
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NB: This title will be released on Feb. 6, 2024.

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These reflections address the challenge of reaching for right relationship in all aspects of our lives. They invite us to consider how we show up – with ourselves, our communities, and the world around us – in the light of Quaker values and practice.

Does this choice of a way of being nourish community, for myself and others? Is a commitment to equality embedded in my position and clear in my intent? Does it have the essence of simplicity, cutting through the layers of complexity and clutter in modern life, and resting in that which is good and true? Is it life-affirming, tending to minimize violence and enhance the possibility of peaceful cooperation? Is it rooted in an understanding of my place in the larger community of life in all its forms, and my role in sustaining that web? Is it honorable: Does it have the ring of truth?

An intention to keep reaching for right relationship holds the promise of finding solid ground in these tumultuous times and discerning paths that light a way ahead.

Part of the publisher’s “Quaker Quicks” series.