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The Quaker Meeting and Its Children

By Peggy McGeoghaven

Paperback: 46 pages
Publisher: Friends Home Service Committee, U.K. (1978)
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How do the members of a religious group , including parents, pass on to the children and young people in the group their insights, convictions, and enthusiasm? The problem has become more urgent because of the swift and fundamental changes in attitudes toward religious education in recent years. One thing has become abundantly clear – religious education cannot be seen in isolation from life.

In The Quaker Meeting and Its Children, Peggy McGeoghegan describes the particular problems now facing Quaker parents and meetings, and helpfully outlines the development of the child’s mind from infancy to adolescence. Coupled with this are chapters on the contribution of parents and meetings. The latter part of the book contains many practical ideas about ways of helping children and young people to grow into the life, faith, and worship of the Society of Friends.