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The Second Period of Quakerism (2nd Edition)

By William C. Braithwaite; introduction by Frederick B. Tolles

Hardcover: 735 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (January 2, 1961)
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“The second volume of the late William C. Braithwaite’s standard history of the early days of the Quaker movement, the sequel to The Beginnings of Quakerism. This second edition is prepared by Henry J. Cadbury, with an introduction by Frederick B. Tolles.”

Braithwaite’s ‘Second Period of Quakerism was first published in 1919, and reprinted with corrections in 1921. This edition incorporates some changes of detail in the text and a large appendix of new matter by Henry J. Cadbury. Braithwaite’s earlier volume, The Beginnings of Quakerism, was reissued in a similar form in 1955. The standard history of the first seventy-five years of Quakerism is thus available again.