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Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong (CD)

Selected, set to music, and recorded by Paulette Meier

Product Type: audio compact disc
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Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong is a remarkable collection of 21 chant-like songs based on the words of 17th century Quaker leaders, both men and women. Sung a cappella in piercingly clear plainsong, the messages are spiritually rich, socially relevant, and deeply inspiring!

The recording was deliberately done without instrumentation of any kind and with each song repeated two or three times, with silent breaks in between. This allows the listener’s mind to more fully absorb the message in the words. The slow, quiet pace is akin to a Quaker meeting for worship, where participants sit in stillness, waiting for the “still small voice” within… and the possibility of someone breaking the silence with a message.

The CD includes a 38 page pdf file embedded in the disc with commentary about the spiritual themes, background on the authors, Paulette’s own narrative of her journey to Quakers, and a complete set of 21 musical notated song sheets.

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