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Wholesight: The Spirit Quest

By Frederick Parker-Rhodes

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #217 (1978)

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Wholesight here means finding coherence among religion, science, art, and politics.

About the Author(s)

Frederick Parker-Rhodes (1914-1987) conducted groundbreaking work in computational linguistics, theoretical physics, and information retrieval. He was employed at the Cambridge Language Research Unit, an idiosyncratic institution where he worked in a hut in the institution’s garden in the company of his Border Collie named Shep. His efforts helped to establish the theory of clumps, one of the building blocks for modern computer-based information retrieval systems such as Google. He was married to Damaris Parker-Rhodes, and the couple shared a love for mycology, the scientific identification of fungi. The Parker-Rhodes family traveled frequently in search of new and exotic fungi, including a trip as far as Nepal. Wholesight looks at the spiritual world with a perspective as broad as Parker-Rhodes’s scientific interests in mycology and information retrieval. He describes the myths of the world, identifying what he thought were common themes.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #217

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