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Continuing Revolution 2020: Transformative Conflict and Justice

An annual conference for young adults, ages 18-35 

June 5-10*, 2020

*Starts evening of Friday and ends with lunch on Wednesday.

Do you find yourself eager to confront wrongdoing or mistakes? Have you ever avoided a conflict and then regretted it? Are you troubled by cycles of harm and punishment taking place in communities and society at large? Are you curious about how Spirit might move in interpersonal, group, or societal conflicts? Are you interested in how conflict at the individual, group, and societal level interacts with systems of power?

…then Continuing Revolution 2020 might be for you!


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Conference Fees and Financial Aid

Full conference:
private room – $425; shared room – $395; commuter – $185.

Half-conference (any 2.5 days), staying on campus:
private room – $245; shared room – $200.

If your needs cannot be met by the above options, join us for a daily commuter fee of $70.

Financial assistance is available for Continuing Revolution! If you are seeking funds to participate in this program, click to review and complete our Financial Assistance Application and a Pendle Hill staff member will follow-up with you shortly (please do NOT register online). Thank you for your interest.

More on the Theme

While conflict is a transformative part of life, it can also provide opportunities for patterns of hurt, oppression, and violence to play out. It’s an area in which we can grow individually, together as a community, and as a society. Quakers have a particular relationship to conflict, often informed by the Peace Testimony, which has been a powerful guide for Quakers since the founding of the faith. The Peace Testimony has also had a distinct impact on Quaker culture. Some interpretations of the Peace Testimony can encourage an anger-averse culture of conflict-avoidance among individuals and communities, which itself can allow the patterns of white supremacy, sexism, or abuse to continue.

With these many influences, it is important to look at and practice conflict in a different way. This program embraces a vision of just peace, where harms are uprooted, and taken on despite what cultural norms of niceness might pervade. Seeking to center and celebrate the experiences and leadership of communities of color, and particularly women of color, we will draw from the work of the prison abolition movement and explore community accountability around harm. Participants will:

  • Learn about common dynamics in conflicts and how accountability and transformation can be possible interpersonally, in groups, and societally;
  • Learn about power dynamics in conflicts, particularly in societal frames around punishment and policing;
  • Explore prison abolition and other models of transformative justice, particularly in policy; and
  • Explore how to build communities of accountability in conflicts, particularly when someone with less privilege or access to power is harmed by someone with more.

Save the date and check back here for updates on theme and presenters in the coming months. For questions contact the Continuing Revolution Co-Coordinators: Lina Blount ( and Hannah Mayer (

Download the Continuing Revolution Flyer. See Travel directions to Pendle Hill.