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A Course in Miracles: Complete & Annotated Edition

By Dr. Helen Schucman

Paperback: 1,945 pages
Publisher: Circle of Atonement, Inc. (June 17, 2021)
Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.5 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
Condition: New

Price: $29.95


A Course in Miracles is a unique spiritual self-study program – a course in mind-training – designed to undo the illusion that you are separate in any way from God or your fellow humans. It is based on the original handwritten notes by scientist and academic Helen Schucman. At the level of the mind we are all united as one. When we learn to live this truth consistently, fear, anger, and guilt give way to a profound sense of inner peace. This revised edition systematically leads you to experience God’s Love in all your relationships through the practice of forgiveness (releasing the past), the willingness to receive and follow higher guidance, and the cultivation of miracle-mindedness. Happiness, peace, joy, and love are the natural outcomes of the Course’s teaching.