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Another Way to Live: Experiencing Intentional Community

By James Best

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #218 (1978)

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A community is both a means and a goal; living in one is a sharing, a vision, an experiment, and a fulfillment.

About the Author(s)

Jim (James) Best (1913-2001) spent most of his life working with publications. He was with Harper & Brothers (now Harper & Row) the greater part of his career. There he edited religious books and helped Martin Luther King promote his first book. He edited Fellowship magazine, the journal of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, from 1961 to 1973. Because the Viet Nam War raged during his tenure as editor, he focused on pacifism, conscientious objection and the effort to end the war. He also carried out a weekly peace vigil in upstate New York during those years. He was a member of Rockland Monthly Meeting while working for Fellowship. Throughout his life, he also held memberships at Fifteenth Street Meeting, Central Philadelphia Meeting, Celo Meeting in North Carolina, Nashville Meeting and Tucson Meeting. While living in Tucson, he worked with the Casa Maria Food Pantry, Hospice Volunteers and Pastors for Peace. Jim also nurtured a concern for the environment through his work with Friends in Unity with Nature (Now Quaker Earthcare Witness).

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #218

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