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Beyond the Bars: A Quaker Primer for Prison Visitors

By Keith Maddock

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #342 (1999)

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Written with sensitivity and grace, this essay depicts Friends Testimonies in prison service work. By example of listening and respect, more than by preaching, the author has much to say about being present in prison and receiving gifts from people who are

About the Author(s)

Keith R. Maddock was born in Gait, Ontario, in 1947. He has lived in Toronto for most of his adult life. He obtained degrees in religious education and theology from Emmanuel College in the Toronto School of Theology. Keith’s studies and experience as a congregational youth worker eventually led him to embrace what he found to be the more personal, inspired and socially engaged faith of the Religious Society of Friends. In 1999, Pendle Hill published his pamphlet, Beyond the Bars: a Quaker Primer for Prison Visitors, reflecting his continuing ministry with prisoners in a city jail.

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #342

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