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Discernment (5-pamphlet set)

By Jack Kirk; Jerry Knutson; Patricia Loring; Ron McDonald; and Patience Schenck

Pendle Hill Pamphlets #305, #320, #383, #404, and #443

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This Pendle Hill pamphlet set includes the following pamphlets at a special price:

#305, Spiritual Discernment: The Context and Goal of Clearness Committees (Patricia Loring)

#320, Leadership Among Friends (Ron McDonald)

#383, Answering the Call to Heal the World (Patience Schenck)

#404, Kindling a Life of Concern: Spirit-Led Quaker Action (Jack Kirk)

#443, Individual Spiritual Discernment: Receiving, Testing, and Implementing Leadings from a Higher Power (Jerry Knutson)