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Heaven on Earth: Quakers and the Second Coming

By Ben Pink Dandelion, Douglas Gwyn, and Timothy Peat

Hardcover: 271 pages
Publisher: Curlew Productions, U.K. (May 1998)
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Central to the faith of early Friends was the present sense of the Second Coming of Christ and the bringing of heaven on earth. Friends around the world may still be able to unite around this vision of a transformed society but how and when heaven will be fully realized are questions which have underpinned three centuries of change and division. This book looks again at the letters of Paul, the experience of early Friends, and the history of Quakerism through the lens of the Second Coming and draws radical new connections which the authors believe have the potential to give Friends and others a clarity about the Quaker tradition and the power to offer a key component in the revitalization of Quaker faith.