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Humphry Davy: Poet and Philosopher

By T.E. Thorpe

Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Nonsuch Publishing, U.K. (2007)
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One of the most brilliant scientists of his day, Humphry Davy was acclaimed for his work as a chemist, notably for the isolation of iodine, and later the invention of the Davy safety lamp. He received many prodigious accolades for his contributions to science, including a baronetcy in 1812, and was later made President of the Royal Society. He was, unusually, also an accomplished poet, known throughout his life to express his feelings in verse, and his impassioned and romantic spirit was unmistakable in his vision of science. Using insightful extracts from his letters and papers, T.E. Thorpe details the life and achievements of a man who, transgressing scientific and literary circles, played a significant role in the social and intellectual world of London during this period.