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Religion and Youth

Edited by Sylvia Collins-Mayo and Pink Dandelion

Paperback: 303 pages
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. (April 8, 2016)
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What is the future of religion given the responses of young people? What impact do existing religious forms have on youth? What kind of spirituality and religion are young people creating for themselves?

Religion and Youth: Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspective Series in Association with the BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group presents an accessible guide to the key issues in the study of youth and religion, including methodological perspectives. It provides a key teaching text in these areas for undergraduates, and a book of rigorous scholarship for postgraduates, academics and practitioners. Offering the first comprehensive international perspective on the sociology of youth and religion, this book reveals key geographical and organisational variables as well as the complexities of the engagement between youth and religion.

James A. Beckford writes the foreword and Linda Woodhead the epilogue.