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The Heart of Friends: Quaker History and Beliefs

By Glenn W. Leppert, with contributions by David W. Kingrey

Paperback: 211 pages
Publisher: Barclay College Publishers (July 31, 2020)
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Even though the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) began as a Christian movement – and their positive impact on culture and society was, relative to their size, quite significant – there is very little public awareness of Quakerism today. Little is known of historical contributions towards justice, virtue, and peace by the Friends movement, and even less is known about the Christian beliefs that drove those actions. This book seeks to fill this gap in awareness, by providing an accessible introduction to Quaker history and beliefs from an evangelical Christian perspective.

Academically rigorous and historically comprehensive, while still an accessible and entertaining read, it is a must-have for scholars, pastors, students, or anyone else seeking to understand the Christian foundation and heartbeat of Quakerism.