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The Oxford Companion to English Literature (Seventh Edition)

Edited by Dinah Birch

Hardcover: 1,164 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press (October 24, 2009)
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The Oxford Companion to English Literature has long been established as the leading reference resource for students, teachers, scholars, and general readers of English literature. It provides unrivaled coverage of all aspects of English literature – from writers, their works, and the historical and cultural context in which they wrote, to critics, literary theory, and allusions.

For its seventh edition, this colossal tome has been thoroughly revised and updated to meet the needs and concerns of today’s students and general readers. Over 1,000 new entries have been added, ranging from new writers – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Patrick Marber, David Mitchell, Arundhati Roy – to increased coverage of writers and literary movements from around the world. Coverage of American literature has been substantially increased, with new entries on writers such as Cormac McCarthy and Amy Tan and on movements and publications. Contextual and historical coverage has also been expanded, with new entries on European history and culture, post-colonial literature, as well as writers and literary movements from around the world that have influenced English literature.