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Pendle Hill Online

A Pendle Hill Educational Initiative

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Not everyone can make it to Pendle Hill’s campus for lectures, weekend workshops, short courses, conferences, or summer institutes. So, we have launched Pendle Hill Online to complement our on-campus programs and offer courses on the Quaker faith, interfaith dialogue, spirituality, and faith-based social activism for peace, social justice, and sustainability. Our Pendle Hill Online courses are designed for spiritual seekers who want to engage in personal reflection, focused study, and deep dialog within lively communities of learners guided by seasoned teachers and authors.

Current Offerings:

Winter 2017: Exploring the Quaker Way

"Our Life is Love" book coverThis course, taught by Marcelle Martin and assisted by Steve Chase, runs from January 9 through April 5. “Exploring the Quaker Way” is for new seekers, attenders, and interested members of Friends meetings who want to: 1) deepen their understanding of the “unprogrammed” Quaker tradition; 2) better understand the spiritual journey common among early and current Friends; 3) reflect on their own spiritual journeys within this simple, radical, and contemporary spiritual path; and 4) become more familiar with key elements of fostering vibrant and caring Quaker communities. It is designed for people who want to explore these themes through personal reflection, focused study, and deep dialog within a lively learning community gently guided by a seasoned Quaker teacher and several guest presenters.

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For more information about future offerings – or to propose possible courses – contact Jennifer Karsten, Executive Director, at 610-566-4507, ext. 160.