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Creating Cultures of Peace: A Movement of Love and Conscience

By Nadine Clare Hoover

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Conscience Studio (October 30, 2018)
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Creating Cultures of Peace provides a toolbox of ideas and practices for citizen leaders creating loving, conscientious, peaceful homes, communities, and societies.

WARNING: Small acts prove the most difficult yet powerful, so:

  • Slow down and respect simple ideas and practices.
  • Make both tiny and huge changes for love and conscience’s sake.
  • Do what is important, not what comes readily or easily.
  • Remain teachable, let go of old ways and open to new possibilities.

Open to the slow, simple, transforming truths gained through spirals of stopping, opening, releasing, receiving, experimenting, reflecting, and expressing. Each part of this book introduces vital areas of practice, which together form an ecology of practice:

  • Part I. Get Started with an orientation to prepare for this work.
  • Part II. Love Life with practices for peaceful private lives.
  • Part III. Act on Conscience with practices for peaceful public lives.
  • Part IV. Create Culture with practices for peaceful societies.