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God is Silence

By Pierre Lacout

Paperback: 52 pages
Publisher: QuakerBooks, U.K. (December 1, 2005)
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In this little pocket-edition book, Swiss Friend Pierre Lacout writes, “Speech has no meaning unless there are attentive minds and silent hearts. Silence is the welcoming acceptance of the other. The word born of silence must be received in silence.” And, after extolling the advantage of silence, he continues: “And if, even so, I speak, it’s just to communicate with those whose silence resonates with mine and who hear the Silence of God in my words. And if I speak again after that, it’s to encourage silence among those ready to receive it. And a bit further on, It’s important to practice silence regularly. The Spirit blows where the Spirit wishes, but fills only those sails which are already raised.”