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John Woolman and the Affairs of Truth

By James Proud

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Inner Light Books (February 2011)
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Many pilgrims on spiritual journeys since John Woolman’s time have been drawn toward the irenic virtues and steadfast faith illuminating the pages of his Journal. This work collects the body of Woolman’s general writings (other than the Journal) so that the record will be made more complete as to his concerns and thoughts, his experiences and prophetic witness, “in the affairs of Truth.” Today, his thought and influence chiefly come to us from the Journal while the main body of his lifetime writings – scattered and for the most part unknown – remain outside our ken. This edition gathers into one convenient volume and in chronological order all of the known essays, epistles, and other works which Woolman intended for general readers. The editor’s introduction to each of the texts is intended to explain the context for each work in its historical moment.